Company Profile

hearingTec is a leading retail and wholesale company, which aims at helping those suffering from various hearing loss types lead a normal, better quality life by providing advanced hearing aids, ear molds, 3D printing technology, and much more, for both adults and children. 
“We are constantly on the lookout for smaller, easier and better solutions to hearing loss”

Our Story

  • 2017

    Our 25th year anniversary, along with our enhanced building under construction 

  • 2016

    Our enhanced building under construction

  • 2015

    Almost 25 years later, hearingTec’s network of partnerships with prominent global hearing aid manufacturers further expanded to include Heinz KURZ and Heinemann Medizintechnik alongside its existing partnerships with Oticon, MED-EL and Interacoustics. Additionally, the Company reclaimed its original brand name microear, for all micro ear implants produced using its 3D printer. 

  • 2014

    Further emphasizing its commitment toward the local community, hearingTec participated in the ‘Hearing without Borders’ initiative launched by HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein. The initiative aims at helping deaf children in the Kingdom by providing them with cochlear implants. In its capacity as MED-EL’s agent, the Company donated 30 cochlear implants to children benefiting from the initiative.

    In addition, the Company signed a five-year consultancy agreement with Oticon while the latter operates in Algeria with Office National d'Appareillages et d'Accessoires pour Personnes Handicapées (ONAAPH).

    hearingTec also purchased a bigger 3D printer and scanner, and expanded its offices to encompass a total of six hearing aid fitting rooms.

  • 2012

    Two decades after its establishment, hearingTec automated its processes by installing Dynamics NAV - a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that stores customers’ data, medical records, 3D scans, and more - in order to improve its level of customer service. Moreover, the Company became an agent of Austrian company MED-EL for the provision of cochlear and middle-ear implants.

  • 2011

    In keeping with its goal of helping children live a life unhampered by hearing loss, hearingTec established Junior Audiology Care Office (JACO), a pediatric-specific center for early hearing testing and diagnosis among newborns and children up to the age of 10. As part of its contribution towards the local community, the center offers its services at reasonable prices and, in some cases, for free.

    In addition, hearingTec introduced innovative 3D printing technology for invisible, wireless custom-made hearing aids, thus becoming the sole provider of this technology in the region.

  • 2010

    Following the conclusion of its partnership with Phonak, hearingTec joins Danish company Oticon’s network of agents for the distribution of its hearing aids. Upon making this switch, hearingTec expanded its regional operations to the Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Yemini and Sudanese markets, where it started supplying wholesale hearing aids.

  • 2007

    hearingTec kicked off the new millennium by relocating to Jabal Amman - Fourth Circle to expand into new offices that included one hearing aid fitting room. Furthermore, hearingTec suspended its manufacturing of microear, choosing instead to offer hearing aids from Phonak and medical equipment from Danish company Interacoustics.

  • 1998

    As its expansion continued to gather momentum, hearingTec partnered with Swiss company Phonak for the distribution of its products alongside the Company’s own brand, microear.

  • 1994

    Two years into its operations, hearingTec kicked off its expansion plans by inaugurating its first retail shop after relocating its headquarters to the First Circle.


  • 1992

    Guided by a mission to help affected individuals lead a normal, better quality life unhindered by their hearing loss, Eng. Raed Billeh founded hearingTec, previously known as Jordan Hearing Aids, a hearing aid manufacturing company with a product line called microear. 

Our Team

From expert audiologists and hearing aid repair specialists to sales, marketing, after-sales support and administrative staff, our commitment and drive is one and the same: To help you and your loved ones live a life unhindered by hearing loss. Under the guidance of our company’s founder, Eng. Raed Billeh, we proudly employ more than 35 of the industry’s most eager and devoted professionals, who work tirelessly to bring you the best hearing tests, products and solutions available worldwide.

We would not be where we are today without the dedicated work and loving contributions of our team, who continuously put their hearts and souls into this company.

Eng. Raed Billeh
CEO and Founder
Mr. Rami Nasrawi
Vice President and Partner
Rania Abul Rub
Head Audiologist